Saturday, February 23, 2008

Just to funny specially #10

Can I Be Blunt?
Straight talk with America's sweetheart, Joan Rivers

1) Fag hag and fruit fly are perfectly acceptable terms. Especially for Katie Holmes.

2) A word gay men use that drives me nuts: retail.

3) Here's a gay obsession I'll never understand: fisting. Do you know how hard it is to clean shit off a charm bracelet?

4) One thing I love that you'll never understand? A second date.

5) I never fall in love with my gay pals because I only befriend ugly queens.

6) Gay men aren't always on the mark about fashion. Never again will I attend an Iranian cocktail party wearing a fishnet burkha.

7) Don't abandon me for a hookup. If you do, I will text message your trick and say, “Don't fuck my friend. He's got herpes.”

8) Don't think I won't cock-block you. I get in between more gay men than Astroglide.

9) Honesty is like Botox. There's no such thing as too much.

10) If you're going to wear ass-less chaps, then shave your ass. How many more times do I have to say this to the lesbian community?

Rivers's new autobiographical play, Joan Rivers: A Work in Progress by a Life in Progress, premieres at Los Angeles's Geffen Playhouse in February.

This week

The official job hunt has begun. I had the interview yesterday that seemed to go well, but I have been on many an interview that seemed to go well and then never heard from them again. Hopefully this time the job hunt will go a bit better. People with connections are helping me out. My direct supervisor and the agency director are putting out feelers and I have gotten one interview for Monday from this help. So I am grateful there, it is nice to know people who KNOW people. Plus this time I am eligible for unemployment, I wasn't last time so that will help out as well. I have started to light the religious candles again to put out the good will vibes and all that stuff. My roommate likes to light them as protection to keep the apartment from burning down. That logic totally bothers my sister, she just thinks it is stupid to light a candle and leave it burning day and night to stop a fire. We are all, that is the point!

Other than the job hunt stress returning to my life things are gong okay. I went out on Wednesday and played cards but had to cut out early, around 10:00 PM, I was just so tired I was falling asleep plus the smokers were starting to get to me. To much smoke and I start to get really bad headaches. I don't want to complain but seriously I have no idea why people smoke. I know addictive and all but it has always just given me a horrible headache. Oh well to each his own, I know there are guys out there who find a guy with a cigarette to be intensely attractive. I am all like Margaret Cho, Dick Smokers a plus.

For you guys wondering and I get emails asking, I haven't had sex since right before the whole food poisoning thing. I probably could have but that whole incident lowered my immune system and I got a cold sore on my lip. I hate that feeling, I feel so unclean. If anyone mentions it it always respond with I have the heeeeerpes. It has gone now but for those couple of days it was uncomfortable. I have had cold sores on my lip every time I get really sick since I was a small child. Gratefully I have never had genital herpes and am working on never getting that little problem. To much information I know. Anyway point is no sex, hopefully I will this weekend. I have grown used to having regular sex, I like it! I enjoy the cuddling just as much if not more some times. Right now though I am just plain horny!

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